Graphic Designer

This is a fun design that I thought would make a fun t-shirt. I made a few to see how it looks. It came out looking very cool. There are to colors.

Branding, Graphic Design & Web design

These are a brand new spray/solid cologne. I was asked to design the logo and label design for the product.

Poster Design

This is a tribute poster for the great Aretha Franklin. I wanted to show how powerful her voice was. 

Book Design

This is a Christian book cover to include the LGBT flag, bringing them in and accepting them.

Here’s a quote from the back cover. 


"Drawing from personal experience and those who have long carved out 

theologies far from power, Swan and Wilson show how Solus Jesus can open a portal to the divine communion that is possible between all people."


- Deborah Jian Lee

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Here's just a few illustations, 3D illustrations, graphic design.