Solus Jesus

Book Design

This is a Christian book cover to include the LGBT flag, bringing them in and accepting them.


Quotes from the back cover. 


"Drawing from personal experience and those who have long carved out 

theologies far from power, Swan and Wilson show how Solus Jesus can open a portal to the divine communion that is possible between all people."


- Deborah Jian Lee



This book is loving and courageous, compelling and convicting, scholarly and personal, all at once. Solus Jesus invites us to know the living Jesus by standing with him beside the victimized. It held up a mirror to my heart, asking me to forsake my anxious need for certainty, to repent of the rivalries that cripple me, and to rest again like a child, at the breast of a God in whose fearless love there is a home for us all.


- The Rev. Susan K. Bock


   Solus Jesus offers a wonderful new way to think about and live the truth of Christian faith. Guided by the work of René Girard and in dialogue with their own evangelical and Pentecostal/

charismatic traditions as well as an exciting and eclectic variety of other inspirations, the authors aticulate an uncompromising theology of non-violent love that finds the Gospel to be manifest especially in the witness of the marginalized, oppressed, an outcast. It is a welcome approach especially for those on whom the authority of sola Scriptura has fallen hard—such as women and LGBTQ+ persons—and shows, with power and promise, what the church has to gain from their full inclusion.


- Curtis Gruenler